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Employee Overtime Management System

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Employee Overtime Calculation

The Employee Overtime Management system is a vital part of an organization that employs hourly labour for the employees. It helps to manage remunerated overtime, limit overtime expenditure, and improve strategies. The overtime settings and calculation factors can be configured based on

the company's rules and regulations. The policies can be applied to individual employees based on their shifts. This calculation will help to configure rules and settings that increase accuracy and improve compliance with overtime laws.

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Overtime Calculation Based on Shifts

The employee overtime calculation is done by the shift time and the punching time of the employees in the machine. The software automatically calculates the difference in punching time and is also based on the overtime rules for the company. Employee overtime calculation based on the software will be for both the employer and employee. No manual intervention is required. So no misleading or false data will not come in the calculation. Everything will be done automatically with the full-fledged system.


+ Punching Based Calculation

+ No manual intervention

+ Fully automated calculation

+ Calculation for Multiple employees of multiple departments

+ Based on the rules and regulations of the company

+ Normal and special Overtime Calculation

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